Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Repetition: George Pattison’s New Stage Adaptation of Kierkegaard’s ClassicRepetition: George Pattison’s New Stage Adaptation of Kierkegaard’s Classic

Kierkegaard’s Repetition is a dramatization of Kierkegaard’s 1843 tragi-comic philosophical novella Repetition. The plot develops along two intertwining lines. One concerns a young man (‘Kierkegaard’), who falls in love and becomes engaged—only to realize he is incapable of marriage. Despairingly, he breaks off the engagement and flees to Stockholm. The other concerns Constantin Constantius, the novella’s pseudonymous author, an amateur philosopher, obsessed with the question as to whether repetition is possible, that is, whether we can have the same experience twice over…Repetition explores existential themes of anxiety, love, and death and at the same time celebrates the role of theatre in discovering the many possibilities of human life.

Running Time:2:30

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