Thursday, March 6, 2014

Life in KBC

I had a ministry idea, so I implemented it. The idea is not terribly original, but is terribly effective. My son and I taped a long piece of paper (about 4' x 12') on a wall just outside the sanctuary of the church I serve, Kilmarnock Baptist Church. We printed as many pictures as we could find of events in the life of the church, and we taped the pictures up in a collage.

[Picture here]

In the center of the collage, there is the following sign:
Life in KBC
Remembering our past &
Celebrating our future

In our church newsletter, I introduced the collage:
I hope these pictures give you the opportunity to stop and remember. Think about the people in the pictures. If you have not seen or talked to someone in one of the pictures, reach out to him or her. Pray for the people in the pictures. 
Life in KBC is rich and full of God’s grace. Our congregation has had some wonderful experiences. Let us give thanks for them! Let us also look to a bright future that will be full of new memories. 
Please add to the mural, too. 
The collage has been up for a week. The response is wonderful. People are adding pictures. Others stop and talk about the memories. It was a simple way to remind the congregation about where we have been. It also encourages people to organize events, take pictures, and create new memories in the life of the church.

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